Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Heart Garland

Ok, this is going to be a quick and dirty tutorial because 1. I'm lazy, 2. I didn't really intend to do a tutorial so there are very few pictures and 3. It's a really easy project!

Here's our finished project (or one of them, I made two):For this project, you will need:
- 3-5 sheets of pretty papers, depending on what size hearts you make and how long you want your banner to be.
- Several feet of ribbon or twine (I used twine), again, however long you want your banner to be.
- scissors
- tape
- cardboard for templates

Step 1: Pick out some pretty paper. I've been using this package of scrapbook paper I found on clearance (score!) for everything. I've made collages, matting for pictures, cards, you name it. Best find ever. Step 2: Sorry, no picture. Cut out your templates from a piece of cardboard you have laying around, I used a cereal box. I did a big heart (approx. 4" tall), medium heart (3" tall) and a small heart (2" tall). Do whatever works for you. I made two different patterns:

1. small-medium-small-big-small-medium-small-big:

2. small-medium-big-medium-small-medium-big-medium-small:
For pattern 1 you'll need to cut out 4 big hearts, 5 medium hearts and 10 small hearts. For pattern 2 you'll need 5 big hearts, 10 medium hearts and 6 small hearts.

Step 3: Cut out your hearts. I like to trace my templates onto the back of one sheet of paper, laying the hearts out to maximize the amount I can cut out, keeping in mind the ratio I'll need (don't want too many excess small hearts, not enough medium hearts, etc.). Then I stack all my paper together and cut them out at once (I've got great scissors, it helps!).

Step 4: Plan your pattern. Lay all your hearts out, mixing the patterns so you get a nice mix. It helps to take a step back and look at it (you don't want it to be heavier on red on one side, the same pattern next to each other...).

Step 5: Now your ready to tape the hearts to your twine. (I stacked mine up off the floor in the right order, so the munchkin wouldn't destroy my hard work). I didn't have any tape in a dispenser laying around, so I had to use my packing tape and just cut small strips. Be careful to leave a little space between the hearts (a quarter inch, maybe) so when you hang the banner it doesn't scrunch up on you.
Step 6: That's it! Hang your banner where ever you like! I'm sure you'll have a better spot to put yours. I didn't have a very picturesque spot to put mine, but I promise, they look adorable and very Valentiney!

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